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  • The Inspiration:

Over 10 million Americans and over 3 million Canadians have already applied for unemployment in the past several weeks and that number is expected to increase to over 47 million.

This outbreak has unexpectedly forced most Small Businesses across the US and Canada to shutter or significantly alter their operations.  Many businesses are struggling to keep from closing for good in this quickly changing marketplace which has been changed forever by this crisis.  Small Business Owners need help moving through this crisis and beyond.

Like these businesses, most legal plan associates have been forced to shelter in place, and also shutter or significantly alter their method of operation with a devastating impact on their business, sales and recruiting, and their income.

If I was in that unfortunate position and I lost it all. 0 Sales. 0 Team. 0 Clients. The steps in this 30-Day Small Business Task Force Program is exactly what I would do to earn it back.

  • Who's This Task Force Program For:

Any Legal Plan Associate who needs to earn more income.

  • The Opportunity:

You: Need to pay your bills and want financial security.

Businesses: Have a BIG PROBLEM and need access to Expert Advice to help them navigate through this crisis and beyond.

You: Solve that big problem by selling them a Biz Plan with GoSmallBiz and help them utilize this service.

You: Get Paid each time you help a business in this way.

You get paid. Businesses get the help they need. Everyone is happy. Repeat.

  • How It Works:

1. You go through two days of Task Force Orientation Training to get ready to take your business virtual.

2. Then the following Monday we'll send you a set of videos and instructions each day for 30-Days. Watch, read, and then execute the daily tasks.

3. Join our Weekly LIVE Coaching and Mastermind Sessions ask questions, and get help. We even do LIVE Q&A.

4. You'll be added to our Private members-only Facebook group for additional support and more importantly accountability! You can ask questions of other Task Force Members and get help.

5. Repeat steps two, three, and four for 30-days.

  • What We're Doing:

1. Equipping you with the most lucrative skill-set in the world.

2. Setting you up with the tools to truly Work From the safety of your Home allowing you to sell High Commission Business Services.

3. Helping you develop a list of prospects that you can contact and work to turn into clients.

4. Showing you a step-by-step process for turning prospects into clients and walking you through that process each day for 30-Days.

5. Helping you create a business that can be executed 100% virtually, from anywhere in the world where you have a phone and internet access.

  • The Requirements:

- Willingness to work and follow a proven system DAILY!
- Internet, phone, computer
- No experience required

  • Disclaimer (Read This Twice):

We'll be executing this live with you for 30-days. Don't be ridiculous and expect to have the same results I did when I was a National Top Producer. I had been doing sales, marketing, and business management for over 20 years. Having said that, get excited that you'll be learning a skill-set you could use to earn thousands of dollars.

  • About Me:

I am a former associate with LegalShield and am not associated with them anymore. They don’t sponsor, endorse, or approve of my programs in any way, but when I worked with them I was a National Top Biz Plan Producer, received numerous Top Producer Awards, was featured in the “Success from Home” and the “Small Business Report” magazines based on my sales performance. I received the 1,000 and 2,000 Golden App Awards on Personal Production through my efforts selling their Biz Plan Products, Created the Advanced Small Business Training Program and taught that program before National Conventions, GoSmallBiz Boot Camps, across the country at independent training events I hosted and broadcast on-line. I've  spoke and taught at nearly every GoSmallBiz Boot Camp during my time with LegalShield. 

I founded CORE Biz Systems and have worked for over a decade with Business Consultants, Business Coaches, and Legal Plan Associates who sell these services to help teach them the method and strategies I discovered which allowed me to do all this and earn consistent income. 

  • People Depending On Me Financially:

Family. Staff. 4,000 students in 2 countries. Why I am sharing this?
To remind you you're not just doing this for you.

  • Start Date:

NOW! Get instant access to day 1 of our 2 day Task Force Training and day 2 follows on the next day.

Monday start your 30-days of Daily Task Force lessons and missions

  • Registration Ends:

When the timer at the bottom of the page hits 0.

  • The Investment:

Just $794 for our 30-Day Implementation Program. 

FYI...If you're not willing to invest that into yourself but say you're "willing to do what it takes to be successful"...then you should probably quit now. 

Sacrifice for what you want or what you want becomes the sacrifice.



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If You're Skeptical (Like I Am) And Don't Trust Anyone On The Internet, Here's Some More Info About Us:

  • Feedback From Inside The Task Force Group:
  • Charles - Legal Plan Associate

This is a multi-thousand dollar personal development and leadership skills course, wrapped up in a business building exercise. Where else can you go, where at the end of it ... if you go through the entire process ... you come out the other side a better person, and your bank account has grown 10X (when compared to the cost of admission)!!!?

  • Randall - Legal Plan Associate

In my opinion, there are several components to this program which make it better, different, and special compared to other options.

1. The Psychology-Rather than a solicitous approach, this program helps an associate seek to understand exactly what the business owner’s challenges are and the constraints preventing the company from reaching it’s goals and objectives. It shows the owner that you are more interested in the company than explaining features and benefits.

2. Standardization-What is essentially a set of work instructions, guides associates through the process from first contact through servicing the business. There is very little deviation, allowing for a more consistent and predictable result. The scripts are easy to follow and flow well, making them very user friendly.

3. Role Playing-As difficult as this was for me to participate in, it became much easier working with friends in the program, who celebrate even the smallest achievements and improvements. This builds camaraderie and confidence in an environment where people can safely experience opportunities for improvement and not risk losing a client.

4. Support-My first thought was that we’d be given some some materials, an explanation on how to use them, then get our participation award and be sent forth to visit businesses and hope for the best. To the complete contrary, After two six-hour training sessions over a weekend, we had a daily coaching/practicing call for at least an hour. Here, Charlie would ask about our assignments and provide the gift of feedback and encouragement. The multitude of support documents was also more than I first expected, and the same goes for daily videos, three actually, to help us progress.

To get the equivalent training and time from Grant Cardone would easily cost tens of thousands of dollars! I’m easily getting far greater value out of this program than I paid for."

  • Doug - Legal Plan Associate

"I have been in professional sales and sales management for over 30 years in the B2B software industry. As a result, I have been fortunate enough to have participated in many outstanding sales programs but the Task Force Program has been the most comprehensive I have ever been part of because. It covers everything that you need to be successful if you follow the system. It will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to become a master in so many areas of your professional and personal life."

  • Richard - Legal Plan Associate

"Charlie, I wanted to take a few moments and share my feelings about your training program that I am currently involved in. Your program is the most useful one that I’ve ever seen to help market to the small business marketplace.

Your scripts work and the program is put together logically in a fashion that anyone from beginner to seasoned associate like myself can benefit from it. To see how you have pivoted your program that I’ve followed over the years and enable myself and a group of associates to be in a position to help small business owners find their way through the minefield of Covid19.   

I was looking for a way to ramp up my skills in virtual marketing, having always been reluctant to go that direction. This unprecedented crisis makes that type of marketing indispensable today. The clients I reached just today would have taken several days to visit in the past due to travel constraints. 

Thanks for all the work that you and Charlie Jr have done behind the scenes and with us as a group to enable our success. I am happy to give your program my highest recommendation. "

  • Louise - Legal Plan Associate

"The Task Force Program is amazing and truly made a difference for me in business. 
In these times of uncertainty, associates must be able to adapt their business quickly and correctly. The Task Force Program concepts taught in this program is totally counter opposite to the many corporate trainings I have attended as an associate, my mind is unequivocally blown away. Charlie2 a combination of business training and life coaching on steroids! "

  • Diane - Legal Plan Associate

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your and Charlie JR teaching, mentoring and encouraging me and I'm sure everyone else agrees.

This training has been absolutely the best on you have done yet and they are always very good, very thorough and I'm glad I took the leap and jumped in. 

You have encouraged me to go for it - to get out of my way and just do it! I'm not where I want to be yet but your daily encouragement is pushing me (in a good way) to do better and strive for more everyday. 

For anyone on the fence about doing this it! It's worth it. 
Is it a lot of work .... yes, but if you want to be serious about your business and have the rewards, then its worth the hard work.

The new way of working with Small Business owners is working and I love doing it this way. I'm excited to be able to reach so many more people in a day. I appreciate the hard work that you and your son put into doing this training for us.

Thank you again Charlie & Charlie Jr! 

Diane, LegalShield Associate

  • Accomplishments (In case you haven't heard about us yet):

Charlie Muhlenkamp is a Former National Top Biz Plan Producer 
(has actually done this stuff in real-life)

You may be new to us, but we're not strangers to marketing Business Services.
Charlie has received numerous National Top Producer Awards.

Charlie has been featured in the "Success from Home" and the "Small Business Report" Magazines because of his success marketing Business Legal Plans.

Charlie has taught how to market Business Legal Plans before National Conventions, before and at GoSmallBiz Boot Camps, and across the country at independent training events.

Charlie formed CORE Biz Systems and has worked with Legal Plan Associates and Direct Sales reps for over a Decade Ago to help sell Effectively and Consistently Regardless of the State of the Economy.

Today, Charlie and his Team at CORE Biz Systems work with Legal Plan Associates, Business Owners, Business Coaches and Consultants to help them move their businesses forward and make consistent income helping small businesses across the US and Canada.


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Charlie Muhlenkamp is a former associate with LegalShield and is not associated with them anymore. They don’t sponsor, endorse, or approve of his programs in any way, but when he was working for them he was one of the National Top Biz Plan Producers, received numerous Top Producer Awards, was featured in the “Success from Home” and the “Small Business Report” magazines based on his sales performance, received the 1,000 and 2,000 Golden App Awards on Personal Product through his efforts selling the Biz Plan Producers, Created the Advanced Small Business Training Program and taught that program before National Conventions, GoSmallBiz Boot Camps, across the country at independent training events he hosted, and broadcast on-line, and spoke and taught at nearly every GoSmallBiz Boot Camp during his time a LegalShield. Charlie founded CORE Biz Systems to help teach others the method and strategies he discovered which allowed him to accomplish all this and earn consistent income from his efforts. 

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