Let's Work To Re-Open America!

If I Had To Start Over From ZERO,
No Clients, No Contacts, No Team, No Income,
And All I Had Was A Cell Phone, And A Laptop...

This is Exactly What I'd Do To Start Getting Business Plan Clients 
From Any Where In The World...Even In Today's Challenging Marketplace.

Starting From ZERO ... Want Me To Show You What I Would Do?

  • What We're Doing
  • We're Showing Your How to Identify Your BEST Prospects for your  Small Business Services
  • ​We're Showing You How To Contact Them Without Cold Calling By Phone
  • ​We're Showing You How To Sell Them your Small Business Services Over the Phone or Through a Zoom Meeting CONSISTENTLY.   By Helping You LEARN AND IMPLEMENT A VIRTUAL SALES PROCESS.
  • How Are We Doing It
  • EVERYDAY FOR 30-DAYS, I'll send you an email with short videos and a set of instructions showing you exactly what to do that day.  Read the email, watch the video, and implement.
  • ONCE A WEEK,  on Monday's at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time,  my team and I  will do a LIVE Q & A over Zoom, so we can help you when you need it.
  • YOU'LL BE ADDED TO our Private Member's Only Community...specifically for this program...for more support (and accountability).
  • The Requirements
  • MUST BE a LegalShield Associate or willing to become one (we can help you with that if you're not).
  • MENTAL TOUGHNESS:  You will DEFINITELY experience challenges.  You will be learning and implementing new things and change is always hard.  You will probably have to tweak some things your currently doing and will be doing.  You've got to accept this as a totally normal course of business that will always be happening.
  • ​COMMITMENT.  You've got to be committed to finish this thing through.  If you give up easy, your money would be better spent on junk food, Netflix, and video games.
  • Important Desclaimer:

This is business.

Business has risks.

And there are no guarantees.

I'm not promising you any results of any kind other than a great learning experience as you look over my shoulder and watch and learn what I would do to a SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS...starting from the ground up.

I've been working legal plan associates for over a decade and it's never been "fast and easy", however it can happen quickly depending on the effort you're willing to put in.

Having said that, the skill set I'm going to teach you is something you can never UN-LEARN and will serve you well for the rest of your career.

And it is something that every associate on the planet wants: The ability to get more clients.

The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you.  You will have this knowledge forever.

  • Start Date

GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS to our Task Force Orientation Training.

Then your 30-Day Implementation Program Starts on Monday!

  • Registration Ends:

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  • The Investment:

Just $794LIMITED TIME OFFER...Just $397!  That's it.

That is a ridiculous offer and we both know it.

Just 3 New Small Business Clients Just 1 New Small Business Client could put you CASH POSITIVE, and then you have the rest of your career to cash in on your new skill set and operating system.



00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT EARNINGS DISCLOSURE AND OTHER NOTICES:  Absolutely NOTHING on this web page should be considered as any type of earning claim (implied or otherwise).  This is a brand new program to help you move your business forward in very uncertain times, so I can't tell you what a "typical" result would be.

What I do know is the vast and overwhelming majority of people who take classes about business and sales don't get any results at all.  Kind of like the way most people who buy home exercise equipment don't look like people in the commercials. (I'm guilty of that myself.)

Also, this is a CLASS intended to help  Legal Plan Associates to get more Business Clients.  It is NOT a "business opportunity."

And finally, all business entails RISK.  During this class, I'll be teaching how to how to market and sell your business services virtually.  This approach almost NEVER works at first.  It usually requires practice, tweaking, and adjustments.  A great deal of our focus will be on doing this with minimal risk and in the least amount of time...but the risk will still be present none the less, and the work, and practice will be required.

Most people reading this page already know me and are well aware of these realities.

But for someone expecting a "hail mary" or something...this is unquestionably NOT it.

This will require WORK, COMMITMENT, and most importantly, PERSEVERANCE.  All this "marketing" stuff is harder than it looks.  So get ready to put in the work and stick it out.  Those who are not committed (or aren't comfortable with the idea of marketing, selling, etc), are advised to pass on this.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Charlie Muhlenkamp and I have over 30 years of marketing, sales, and management experience in Corporate America.

I am a former associate with LegalShield and am not associated with them anymore. They don’t sponsor or approve of my programs in any way, but when I was working for them I was one of the National Top Biz Plan Producers, received numerous Top Producer Awards, was featured in the “Success from Home” and the “Small Business Report” magazines based on my sales performance, received the 1,000 and 2,000 Golden App Awards on Personal Product through my efforts selling the Biz Plan Producers, Created the Advanced Small Business Training Program and taught that program before National Conventions, GoSmallBiz Boot Camps, across the country at independent training events I hosted and broadcast on-line, and spoke and taught at nearly every GoSmallBiz Boot Camp during my time a LegalShield. 

I founded CORE Biz Systems to help teach others the methods and strategies I discovered which allowed me to accomplish all this and earn consistent income from my efforts. 

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During my training I refer to products such as SmallBiz Plans, Biz Plans, Biz Plan 10, Biz Plan 50, and GoSmallBiz add-on, and I also refer to LegalShield and GoSmallBiz. While I’m offering training in the sale of these products, I have no sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by the owners of these products, and that what makes my training programs so good.  I teach what I have found to work based on my own personal experience and that gained through training and coaching others free of any corporate ideology or philosophy.