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ONE TIME OFFER (Just $37): The most successful associates are great presenters. They’re able to talk to a business owner and discover what their greatest challenge is which is holding them back from reaching their goals, and then share how their business services will help them overcome their challenges and reach their goals fast, easier, and more cost effective than they could on their own. In sales, the Small Business Meeting that Sells. The Present Like A Pro Bundle walks you through this process, gives you the exact interview process to increase your on-the-spot closes, the scripts of exactly what to say, and the forms to use during the interview/presentation process to Present Like a Pro. You will also get our overcoming objections training, so you can disarm virtually any objection a prospect might have for getting started. This is the same strategy we included in our $397 course. CHECK THE “YES” BOX ABOVE to add it to your order for just $37! (This offer is not available ANY other time or place!)

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Here's Just A Fraction Of What You Will Learn:
  • The huge mistake nearly every associate makes when trying to find small business clients and what I did different to reach a "National Top Producer" in less than 8-months (page 2)
  • Proof that the system I lay out for you will work for you too, no matter where you live (page 5) 
  • ​​How we earned $2,500 in our first month selling business services (page 18) 
  • How to out perform other associates in your marketplace, and cut your operating costs in the process (page 21) 
  • ​How to know which small businesses are your ideal prospects, so you don't waste time talking to all the wrong people (page 25). 
  • ​How to use Lead Magnets to sort your marketplace, pre-qualify prospects, and position yourself as an expeert business owners want to talk to (page 39) 
  • The 3-Things you need to know about a prospect BEFORE you present (page 52) 
  • ​​The most effective method of presenting, follow this process to sky rocket your closing ratios (page 56) 
  • ​How to close right on the spot with confidence (page 60) 
  • ​How to QUCKLY scale your sales and build momentum (page 63) 
  • ​How turn your clients in to RAVING FANS (Hint: fail to follow this process and you will struggle to build any momentum in your business) (page 66) 
  • ​Action Steps to Start Right Away! (page 70)

And so much more!

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