A Little About Us...

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be successful! In order to do that, most people need resources and support to help them grow personally and to grow their business!  But the reasons I see people fail in their business really comes down to two things, Ignorance and Arrogance.

Ignorance - You just didn’t know what was up ahead. You got excited about the thought of having your own business, but quickly found out there’s a lot more to running a business at a profit than you thought, and without knowing what’s up ahead, you fumble around in dark. 

Arrogance - You just think you’re so great that you’re going to figure it out.  And even though 90% of businesses fail, you’re just going to beat the odds. See that’s foolish thinking. 

These two things explain the HUGE failure rate with entrepreneurs today. However, things can be different for you, there is a better way!!!

CORE Business systems is an Independent Training and Support company which provides resources, advanced sales training, coaching and mentorship, and ongoing support to Business Consultants, Business Coaches, and Legal Plan Associates. The system and strategies which we share can help you build a business that generates consistent, predictable income.

We understand that as an Independent Business Owner, you require support to grow your business and your income to where you want it to be. YOUR BIGGEST HURDLE in generating a HUGE income from your business is be getting over “my business is different" thinking. YOUR BIGGEST GAIN can be in acquiring the “translate and transfer mindset.”

CORE Biz Systems was started over a decade ago by Charlie Muhlenkamp when he was a LegalShield Associate.  Charlie is not associated with them anymore. They don’t sponsor, endorse, or approve of his programs in any way, but when he was working with them he was one of the National Top Biz Plan Producers, received numerous Top Producer Awards, was featured in the “Success from Home” and the “Small Business Report” magazines based on his sales performance. He received the 1,000 and 2,000 Golden App Awards on Personal Production through his efforts selling their Biz Plan Products, Created the Advanced Small Business Training Program and taught that program before National Conventions, GoSmallBiz Boot Camps, across the country at independent training events he hosted and broadcast on-line. He spoke and taught at nearly every GoSmallBiz Boot Camp during his time with LegalShield. Back then, Charlie hosted a local weekly support group and monthly advanced sales training at a hotel in Southern California for Legal Plan Associates, to help them and teach them how he was marketing and generate sales at the Top Producer Level for their Business Products. To lower costs for participants, Charlie set-up a meeting room at his house. Soon the group had grown beyond his ability to seat everyone in his home, so he started broadcasting his training programs and weekly support meeting over the Internet.

Today Charlie focuses 100% of his time in CORE Biz Systems which has become THE PLACE where Legal Plan Associates, just like you, seeking FAST AND DRAMATIC GROWTH and greater control, independence and security come together. The single, all-under-one-roof, one-stop-shop source of tested, proven, yet original, innovative, even radical advanced marketing and sales strategies for turning ordinary results into extraordinary... for dramatically increasing your income, and decreasing your stress.

We know it’s lonely out there. Often when you're focused on Personal Production you’re looked at by everybody around you as weird and strange and in need of professional help.  If you have goals and are creatively pursuing them, you’re more likely to be criticized by others as a workaholic or working outside the “system” than to be applauded. Regular colleague meetings, ordinary training events certainly aren’t the answer – a bunch of sad-sacks at a non-happy hour complaining and getting no results. Or a bad speaker sharing what hasn’t worked for them, or even worse someone sharing something they haven’t even done themselves as the path to success.  There are tons of people, videos, conference calls, Facebook groups, and so on, all professing to have what you need. Yet most are missing key elements that prevent you from reaching your goals. They drip information to you with the goal of having you coming back for more rather than going and achieve success.  We support you through a proven step-by-step system and successful strategies that has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs accomplish more.  

This is your opportunity to STEP OUT OF THE DARKNESS and INTO THE LIGHT.  To experience a Totally Different Kind approach. One of support, accountability, accomplishment, success, and greater income.

How much time do you spend working ON your business, instead of IN your business? How much time do you spend each week attending events that provide no useful information you can take into the market place and implement in your business to generate consistent, predictable income? It’s probably hard for you just to meet your minimum production requirements or your minimum income requirement on a weekly or monthly basis you need to be profitable in your business. Forget any growth and consistent income. Are you the do’er of your ‘thing’, instead of where you should be: The marketer and master planner of your ‘thing.’

We’ve been there. We know what it’s like. Not knowing where the next sale will come from. Not knowing if you’re marketing and sales processes are working. Trying to follow a "System" of success, yet not seeing any sustainable results.  We've been there and it’s not fun.

But There is a Better Way!

There’s a whole world out there of Entrepreneurs, just like you, we are helping through our advanced marketing and sales training courses, group coaching sessions, and One-on-One coaching.

Participate in on-line and live courses, and meet together with in our group coaching/mastermind sessions. While there, you’ll learn effective marketing, the ONLY kind of marketing you should be doing as an Entrepreneur. Learn how to make a profit, dictate and predict your income, and track your results. What do you have to lose? The worst case is you’ll be right where you were yesterday. The best case is business transformation to have a business that generates greater predictable income...Your Dream Business.

You Can Be More Successful! You Can Generate Greater Income!

More sales and greater income is a choice. When you choose to go from Employee mindset to Business Owner and Entrepreneur mindset, from spectator to participant you will take control of your business, your income and your future. That is what CORE Biz Systems is all about, helping you to make that transformation.

We look forward to working with you and helping you make crazy money in your business!!!

Be deliriously happy and live life to its fullest!


Charlie Muhlenkamp, Founder
CORE Biz Systems

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